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On-duty and retired employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation who choose to register are naturally members of the club.

Furthermore, because the objective is to encourage social connections with foreign diplomats in specially qualified environments, the club statute allows for aggregate membership admission upon request.

Admissions applications should always be countersigned by two effective members and supported by a presentation letter before being submitted to the Governing Council for consideration.

In its evaluation, the Board prioritises gender balance and family aggregation, emphasizing:

  • Diplomatic and Consular Corps Members, Representatives of the European Union, and International Organizations based in Italy who have Diplomatic Status:
  • Personnel from other administrations, organisations, public and private bodies, associations, or businesses with a permanent presence in the Ministry;
  • Members of the Italian Parliament;
  • Representatives of the state executive and judicial bodies;
  • Representatives from the cultural and economic worlds;
  • Accredited foreign press correspondents to the Ministry;
  • Italian journalists registered as members;
  • Member close relatives;
  • Members of other clubs with whom the Foreign Affairs Club has reciprocal agreements.
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