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Circolo degli Esteri Palazzina Storica

The Foreign Affairs Club, established in 1936 to represent the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, still maintains a strong international vocation and contributes to the institutional and representational activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation by hosting official ceremonies and offering its facilities as an elegant venue for both formal and informal business meetings.

Large halls and representative spaces, bridge rooms, a pool table and television, restaurant, cafeteria, and a café are all available at the club. The practise of sports activities is an important part of the offerings of the Foreign Affairs Club, which are popular with members of all ages: swimming, gym, fitness room, tennis, rowing, running, five-a-side football, table tennis, and sport climbing. Furthermore, we are building a cutting-edge padel court.

Solid is also the club’s cultural tradition, which offers a broad array of musical, literary, artistic, as well as scientific events. Its mission is endorsed, however, by the considerable exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art. The prestigious art collection on exhibit in the club’s internal spaces absolutely differentiates it as “unique” in the landscape of Roman clubs.

Dancing parties, theme nights, charity events, bridge courses, and buraco tournaments all contribute to the generous social activities program. Please feel free to contact the secretariat if you require any further information concerning guests’ and members’ admittance.

The Foreign Affairs Club is located on the Tiber’s left bank in Lungotevere dell’Acqua Acetosa 42, a true haven of peace and nature amidst the noise of urban traffic and the frenetic rhythms of life in a capital.

We especially recommend reading “Il Circolo del Ministero degli Affari Esteri” by Ugo Colombo Sacco di Albiano, Publisher Gangemi, pp. 287, Rome 2008 for an exhaustive look at the club history.

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